Responsibly Wild

Six Films in 2020

Pandemics be damned! I have directed five films in 2020 and released a sixth that was produced at the tale end of 2019. Most recently I produced & directed El Engano! for the Des Moines 2020 48 Hour Film Project with the Tiny Explosions film team. Click here to take in a quick viewing and then if you want to know how it all went down click on the work button below.

Welcome! I'm a man of many hats. But also many socks, cameras, guitars, and anecdotes. You probably didn't come here for all of that, however this is a jumping off point for any of it. Should you find something here interesting, reach out! I am very a collaborative and friendly guy. I get excited at the prospect of everything from mowing the lawn to climbing a wind turbine. If you have a project you need an extra set of hands on, I know a guy with a good set of hands.


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