Responsibly Wild

Hello 1.3 Million+ Thrillseekers

The internet is a wild place, full of billions of people colliding. At the moment, a statistically significant portion of that traffic is finding its way to my personal YouTube Channel, "Boberg Family." How significant? Well, so 1.3 million people.

Over the last 90 days the adjoining video to this post has blown up. Apparently the YouTube algorithm teamed my Crazy Mouse ride as a suggested video with a few mega traffic roller coaster rides and those people are coming my way and really enjoying my 2019 Iowa State Fair excursion. I posted about this on my blog a month ago, but that was when the video was sitting at 300K views. A fun bump, but now... I think 1.3M+ is legit viral. Who knows, who cares. It sure is fun. Check it out if you haven't.

In November, the Cinematic Heartland podcast had me on to talk my filmmaking journey and projects. Hosted by Kevin Isaacson of I like IKE films, it was a really fun hour talking filmmaking and what's my drive to tell stories. Talked about many things I've blogged about, The Film Lounge series on Iowa PBS, and much more. If you've got an hour, download my episode and listen on your next workout, commute, shopping spree, or quarantine cry.

Welcome! I'm a man of many hats. But also many socks, cameras, guitars, and anecdotes. You probably didn't come here for all of that, however this is a jumping off point for any of it. Should you find something here interesting, reach out! I am very a collaborative and friendly guy. I get excited at the prospect of everything from mowing the lawn to climbing a wind turbine. If you have a project you need an extra set of hands on, I know a guy with a good set of hands.


Podcasting Adventures

Need to get me a gift?

For some reason I don't fully understand, I have been told I am hard to buy gifts for. That is ridiculous. I have so many interests and hobbies I should be considered the easiest person to shop.

So to make this super simple for anyone looking to buy me a gift, here is my personal amazon wish list. A lot of this stuff is expensive, but if you aren't getting something off that list at least you've got somewhere to jump off from.